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5 Tips to Avoid Roof Rats

You have heard Roof Rats moving around in the attic.  These roof swelling rodents will gnaw on utility wire insulation, roofing insulation, and plastic parts within the home.  Left unchecked these rats can cause serious roofing problems. So, how best are Roof Rats prevented from entering in the first place, then controlled once in the house?

  • Prune and remove vines, trees and other vegetation that allow access to and from roofs and attics.
  • Place and maintain obstacle guards on utility lines and fences where lines attach to or run nearby your residence.
  • Repair cracks or other openings that make it possible for rats to get in.
  • Trap rodents with various types of traps.
  • Bait with rodenticide baits as specified by the label instructions and conditions of use.

Add to that a determined and persistent practice of locating, altering and eradicating rodent nesting to discourage them from living inside or nearby your house. I do not recommend shooting or relying upon predators such as cats and owls. Nor do I recommend the use of glue boards, tracking powders or fumigants since roof rats seldom burrow. When all else fails, call in the pros. Have you had success keeping rats and other pests away from your roof?  Share your tips with us!