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How is rain a good thing for your PV solar system?

Solar Energy advocate, Dave Dugdale, asks Tony Boniface, an installer of residential solar energy products: Do you need to wash your solar panels to keep the efficiency high?

Tony Boniface: In highly dusty areas if you were on a dusty road and had a lot of traffic you would probably want to get a squeegy up there every once and a while or certainly spray some water (on the solar panels).

In low rain areas the rain will keep the panels clean. To keep the efficiency high clean would be good I wouldn’t say it is necessary but since you asked the question in terms of efficiency, yea, I certainly don’t recommend people getting on the roofs – I think the liability of that isn’t worth it, the 10% you might gain and that 10% in a dusty area is going to only happen during summer months when it is very dry.