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Attic Insulation can lower energy bills

If your recent energy bill was just too high, it’s most likely that your home doesn’t have adequate insulation. Simply adding insulation to your attic or other areas of your home will reduce the amount of energy consumed.

There are many different parts of your home you can add insulation. You can add it under floors, above unheated spaces, around walls in a heated basement, or in unventilated crawl spaces. But because warm air rises, it makes most sense to first add ventilation to your attic. Go in your attic right now. If it doesn’t have a minimum of 12 inches of insulation, you’re losing hundreds of dollars every year right through your roof in additional utility bills!

Contact Pyramid Roofing today at 757-258-3595. You can meet with one of our highly trained service technicians to discuss various ways you can improve upon the energy efficiency of your home. In addition to more insulation, your home may need additional ventilation as well.