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Did you have to pay to get your roof inspected?

BRRrrrrrrrrrr!!!! It’s chilly out there!!!!

There’s something about the winter! It’s never forgiving. It doesn’t matter how many years go by, I can never get used to it. And those stiff winds cut right through you! Thank goodness for the warmth of safety of our homes! How did people get through these cold days centuries ago???

You and I aren’t the only ones affected by the cold! So is your home! Specifically your roof!  Sure, the winter can be harsh with the never-ending storms—bringing weather that can pelt and bombard your roof.  That’s why it’s important you take care of your roof every year!

How do you take care of your roof? Have it inspected once a year! It ensures that any weak spots are quickly identified and inexpensively patched. If they’re not taken care of, water can seep through your roof, into your attic, and into your home. It’s not uncommon for water damage to stem from rough winter weather.

If you haven’t had your roof inspected, it’s not too late!  Have it performed by Pyramid Roofing for FREE! Maybe you’ve already had your roof inspected and you’re not in need of our services right this minute.

Here’s a way you won’t forget us should you need our help in the future… WIN $25 TO DICK’S SPORTING GOODS!

How? Just be the first to answer these few trivia questions below! Call me with the answers at 800-258-0944!

Even if you’re not the first, you’ll receive some great coupons from Pyramid Roofing!

Onto the questions:

1. What is the first day of winter in 2010 and 2011? (Tip: They’re not the same day!)

2. What continent is the coldest on earth?

3. The coldest temperature recorded in North America was in the Yukon Territory of Canada on February 3, 1947. What was the temperature that day (Fahrenheit)?

4. The world’s largest snowflake was 38 centimeters wide by 20 centimeters thick! It was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records on January 28, 1887. But where?

Good Luck!

Dan Worstell