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Happy Birthday to Roofing Specialist Donnie Rodanhisler!

In Jacksonville, FL…a young man just a week past his 15th birthday, Donnie Rodanhisler’s roofing career began. Few people can make the claim of 18 yrs of roofing experience at the relatively young age of 33 yrs old! Happy Birthday Donnie!

Born and raised in Gator country, Donnie eventually followed roofing work and his family to the Tidewater area of Virginia. Donnie has pretty much “done it all” in the world of roofing. From his first job on a hot tar & gravel roof in FL, to humping shingles up a ladder, and eventually running his own crew, Donnie has gained the experience needed to make him one of the areas top roofing specialists.

Today, Donnie is a key member of the Pyramid Roofing Team. He specializes in advising home owners on the best solutions to meet their roofing needs. Just this past July, Donnie was recognized nationally as one of the top five producers in residential roofing sales.

Donnie is the proud Dad of his beautiful 12 y/o daughter, Jamie. In his free time, Donnie is quite the outdoorsman. He enjoys fishing, kayaking, and just about any water activity. Donnie also has his own DJ business!

We are fortunate to have such a stand up guy like DonnieRodanhisler on the Pyramid Roofing Team! Happy Birthday Donnie-Enjoy your day!