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Happy Birthday To The Woman In Charge!

If you need to get something done and you want action fast then look no further than the office just inside the front door of Pyramid Roofing’s Williamsburg Branch. If you are still not a believer just read the sign on her door that tells you just how it really is on a typical day.  ”Do you want to speak to the MAN in charge or to the WOMAN who knows what’s going on.”  Betty shows up early with her sleeves rolled up, ready to go to work.  She eats lunch at her desk and is usually one of the last to leave in the evening.  Talk about one who delegates, hard worker and multi-tasker – Betty gets the job done and with a smile on her face every single day!

Betty was the first employee at the original Williamsburg branch some fourteen (14) years ago. With the exception of actually toting and nailing shingles, Betty has had her hands on every phase of the business.  She runs the office and often directs traffic among the roofers, sales people, and clients. It has been said by many people many times…

What would we do without Betty!”

Betty was born and raised in the local community. She is married to Mike Boley and has three children and one granddaughter. She enjoys working her flower and vegetable gardens and spending quality time with her family.

Have a wonderful Birthday Betty! ~ We Appreciate your dedication!