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Discover How Crickets Protect Your Roof

Although the word “cricket” immediately conjures up visions of a large insect, on a house it refers to a peaked-shaped structure on the roof—a small, false roof  behind a projection such as a chimney.  The term probably originated with the games of cricket or croquet, which were first played back in the time of  Henry VIII.  A roof cricket is shaped like the arch—or peaked-shaped wicket—used in both of these games.

Also referred to as “saddles” in the roofing world, a cricket is designed to shed water away from the chimney and other roof projections; it’s usually capped with a large piece of sheet-metal flashing.  In some cases, a large flashing that collects water where two roof slopes meet is also called a cricket.

Crickets are generally found on the high side of a chimney or the transition from one roof area to another, the cricket is normally the same pitch as the rest of the roof, but not always.