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Journey to the Hampton Office, part 1

DAN Worstell finds peace sitting and staring at the sunlight shimmering off the Chesapeake Bay. It shouldn’t be a surprise that he chose to house his Hampton Office along its waters. This has become his ideal spot to recharge his batteries and relax. If only for a few hours, he can
escape the responsibilities of running his business, Pyramid Roofing.
Make no mistake. Dan loves his company, and it’s managed to grow wildly successful in a short period of time. In less than 10 years, he’s opened two locations and become one of the largest roofing contractors in his part of Virginia. Still, he finds it nice to slip away.
If seclusion is his goal, why would Dan retreat to one of his offices? That question is easily answered once you’ve set your eyes on his Hampton Office. No computers or paperwork can be found there, and the only phone on the premises is the cell phone Dan may have in his pocket. You see, Dan’s “Hampton Office” isn’t an office at all; it’s his treasured fishing boat, which is docked in the town of Hampton.
“The company has offices in Williamsburg and Newport News. I thought it would be funny if I named the boat the ‘Hampton Office.’ I bought it as a reward to myself after Hurricane Isabel came ripping through here in 2003,” Dan explained. “That was a long and stressful situation. The boat provided some much needed relief.”
Dan has been in the roofing industry for more than 20 years. He’s encountered the aftermath of many destructive storms over that time, and it’s led to many unique experiences. While roofing firmly has seeped into Dan’s DNA, he can’t help but chuckle when reflecting upon how he entered this industry. And Dan smiles a bit wider when he thinks about the many people who have helped him turn Pyramid Roofing into a success. His hard work alone did not allow him to enjoy the luxury of purchasing his floating “Hampton Office.”