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Journey to the Hampton Office, part 2

Dan’s journey into roofing began as a young man. He grew up in what he calls a “corporate household.” His father, Jerry, had a white collar job that required the family to occasionally relocate. The moves brought the family closer together. It also ignited Dan’s interest in the business world and entrepreneurship.

The Worstell family moved to Louisiana when Dan entered the ninth grade. After high school, he enrolled at Louisiana State University where he developed a passion for LSU football and slowly began to discover what path his career would take. “I always knew that I wanted to get into some type of sales and eventually own my own business. While in school, I had changed my major several times and wasn’t sure what I was interested in, but I knew I needed to graduate,” Dan said. “A fraternity brother suggested that I think about construction management, which is what he was studying. I looked into it and found that I had taken a lot of the classes needed to complete that degree. I changed my major to construction management and graduated shortly thereafter.”
Once he had the degree, Dan wasn’t certain where or how to apply it. With some urging from a friend, he moved to Dallas where he found a job selling roofs mostly to residential home builders. For three years, he did exceptionally well—too well. The owners asked Dan to sign a two-year no-compete contract. That served as the nudge Dan needed to leave.