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One Roofing Tip That Could Save You Thousands!

Pipe Collars & Vent Stacks: The Most Common Cause Of Roof Leaks

Roofs have many openings for things like vents, drains, and plumbing pipes (affectionately called “stink pipes” for the whiffs from the septic system!).  Vent Stacks are used to remove exhaust from your home and attic.  Typically there will be vents for gas water heaters, perhaps bathroom fans or even kitchen stove exhaust fans.  These vents are usually metal and are susceptible to rust.  Also, high winds can loosen the fasteners on the vent where they are attached to the roof. 

There is also a “rain collar” on these metal vents.  You will want to always check these vents during your annual roof audit.

The rain collars should be caulked and re-sealed as needed, fasteners should be checked to insure a driving wind will not blow rainwater under the flashing.  If you see signs of rust, perhaps it may be time to change out the vent.

You’ve probably heard the term “Roof Boots”.  They are the coverings that go over your plumbing pipes that stick out of your roof.  You should check these openings for rust and broken sealant, too.  Cracked caulking is one of the most common ways water can get under your roof and cause leaks.

I’ve seen wood rot, termites, wet insulation, mold and mildew in attics as a result of this “Trickle” of water around these roof openings. Make sure the gap around all these openings is completely sealed.

Also, if you have lead boots, you might want to look for squirrel damage.  Yep, those critters love to chew on the boots.  If you notice chewing marks, replace the lead boot and then cover it with a wire screen.  Stops them cold!

If you are unable to inspect your roof yourself, we would be glad to have one of our roofing specialist perform the inspection for you. Pyramid Roofing provides annual roof maintenance through our “Overhead Care Club” which also includes debris removal, gutter cleaning and 10% off future repairs! Call (757) 247-9600 or (757) 258-3595 to schedule an evaluation of your roof.