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Pyramid Roofing Specialist Answer Your Top 5 Solar Questions

We asked our specialist what the most common questions that homeowners had about solar energy systems and this is what we came up with:

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5.  Q:   How do modern solar energy systems work?


A: The solar array is made up of panels that collect energy from the sun and micro-inverters which convert the electricity from DC (flashlight battery type) to AC (household current). The clean, conditioned electricity is used all day in the home to offset what is required from the utility company. A special meter is installed that will spin backward when the system is making more power than is needed to run the home. As the meter spins backward, it is subtracting from the amount of electricity that the utility company will bill for that month.


4. Q:    What incentives are out there to help me purchase a solar energy system?


A: Major savings are through a federal tax credit that provides 30% off the entire system cost that carries over annually until the entire credit has been used. Numerous financing options are also available and because of the energy savings, you can finance and still remain cash positive until the system is paid for.


3. Q:    How much energy will a solar system produce for my home?


A: It depends on the size of the home, but fifteen to twenty panels can reduce the electric bill by 50% or more. Over 25 years of escalating energy prices, a tremendous amount of money can be saved.


2. Q:    Can my homeowners association prevent me from installing solar on my home?


A: In most cases,Virginia state law prohibits homeowners and community organizations from denying approval to install solar energy systems.


1. Q:    How do I know how much I can save with a solar energy system?

A: Pyramid Roofing will send a solar energy specialist to your home to provide a solar evaluation at no charge for you to see what benefits you can expect.