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Pyramid’s Ugly Roof Contest

Would your roof qualify as an UGLY ROOF? If so, you could win a FREE barbecue grill & BIG money off a new roof! In Pyramid’s Ugly Roof Contest, we’re talking EXTREME roofing for an extremely UGLY roof!

What exactly is an ugly roof? Well, you’ll know one when you see one! They’re stained and discolored, and shingles or tiles often are missing. In wet climates, algae may be growing on them, and in dry climates, the roof appears to be cracking or curling. Ultimately, an ugly roof draws attention to itself for ALL the wrong reasons.

Don’t miss the UGLY ROOF Contest. More than likely, you know of a family member, neighbor, or friend who has an ugly roof that is at least 10 years old. You’re encouraged to tell that individual about Pyramid Roofing’s new UGLY ROOF Contest!


The winner of the UGLY ROOF Contest receives $2,000 towards a new roof AND a brand new gas grill! In other words, the fortunate person who wins this contest can have their friends and family over for a barbecue, and they can show off their new, more eye catching roof!

Not a bad way to celebrate the summer months! And, if you are not selected for the grand prize, you are still a winner in our book! Entries recieved that don’t win the grand prize are still eligable for discounts on a new roof of their own.

Entering the contest is easy!

  • Follow the ENTER THE UGLY ROOF CONTEST link below and schedule an appointment to have us come take pictures of your UGLY ROOF!
  • ‘Like’ our business page on Facebook and get updates on the Contest Finalists that you and your friends will be voting for…we’ll do the rest!

Don’t miss out, schedule an appointment to enter today!