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Virginia Beach Client Review

Posted 15 Apr , 2015 ,at 02.54 PM

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Justin Murphy Celebrates a Birthday!!

Posted 25 Mar , 2013 ,at 04.37 PM
Justin Murphy Celebrates a Birthday!! Born in PA and growing up in a military family, Justin has lived most of his life on the east coast and ended up in Virginia Beach where he lives today.  Justin started his roofing career early and has been in the business for over 11 years ever since a family friend offered him a job at their roofing company.  His other experience comes from doing drywall, painting, metal roofs and other roof coatings to name a few.  Justin enjoys watching his daughter Rylee (age 4) grow and loves to send time
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Team Member Jeff Mallery Celebrates a Birthday!

Posted 22 Mar , 2013 ,at 03.25 PM
Team Member Jeff Mallery Celebrates a Birthday! Jeff was born and raised in Chesapeake, VA and began his career in roofing over 17 years ago when he started working on a crew with his father-in-law, David Lassiter. Jeff came to Pyramid Roofing as a repair technician almost four (4) years ago. Shortly after he came on board, he brought his father-in-law to join him on the Pyramid team. Jeff’s other skills were gained while framing houses, performing A/C and duct work and many other home renovations. When he is not on a roof, Jeff enjoys spending
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Virginia Roofer Offers Tips for Checking Your Roof Before A Storm

Posted 18 Mar , 2013 ,at 04.50 PM
During the net big storm, it is likely that at least one family within walking distance of your home will experience a major leak causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.  Most of the time, it could have been prevented with a quick roof check that can be done by anyone, if you know what to look for. Just checking a few items and removing debris from the roof can help prevent leaks that can develop without you knowing about it until it is too late.  Not only do roof leaks cause damage to your
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When it comes to customer safety, we have a higher standard

Posted 12 Mar , 2013 ,at 11.19 AM
When it comes to customer safety, we have a higher standard The Technician Seal of Safety™, when displayed by a contractor, indicates that company’s dedication to protecting the safety and well-being of you and your family.  While it is rare that employees of home service contractors are involved in crimes against homeowners, it can and does happen. How often have you opened your door to a service repairman only to feel extremely uncomfortable once he’s inside your house? Why look for the seal? You can minimize your risk when hiring a home services
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