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A Big Happy Birthday to Dave Worstell!

Posted 24 Jan , 2013 ,at 10.00 AM
A Big Happy Birthday to one of our longest serving employees, Dave Worstell ! In August of 1990 Dave claimed his college diploma, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Temple University.  Shortly thereafter, Dave said goodbye to Pennsylvania and  jumped into his red Nissan pickup and headed for Read More
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One Roofing Tip That Could Save You Thousands!

Posted 18 Jan , 2013 ,at 07.54 PM
Pipe Collars & Vent Stacks: The Most Common Cause Of Roof Leaks Roofs have many openings for things like vents, drains, and plumbing pipes (affectionately called “stink pipes” for the whiffs from the septic system!).  Vent Stacks are used to remove exhaust from your home and attic.  Typically there will be vents for gas water heaters, perhaps bathroom fans or even kitchen stove exhaust fans.  These vents are usually metal and are susceptible to rust.  Also, high winds can loosen the
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Today is Scotty Ferguson’s Birthday!!

Posted 4 Jan , 2013 ,at 09.45 PM
Jan. 4th, 2013:  Scotty manages Pyramid Roofing operations on the Peninsula and Southside.  He is married for nearly 19 years and has two beautiful daughters (he jokes he is “always out voted”). He enjoys coaching fast pitch softball for his daughters’ travel team, cooking on the grill with family and is a fan of most sporting activities.   It is fitting for Scotty to celebrate his birthday in early January, College Football Bowl Season! Scotty’s passion for College football led him
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Happy Birthday to our fearless leader Dan Worstell!

Posted 3 Dec , 2012 ,at 10.00 AM
Dec 3rd, 2012: Pyramid Roofing’s owner and president Dan Worstell celebrates a birthday today! Dan is married to his wife Tammy of 26 years and is the proud father of two sons, Derek (Sophmore-LSU) and Drew (Junior-Walsingham Academy).  He loves to spend time with family who often join him at LSU football games.  Dan also likes to char-grill oysters and unwind at the Hampton Office for some fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. Dan is an avid community supporter and it shows through his involvement
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Happy Birthday To The Woman In Charge!

Posted 14 Nov , 2012 ,at 02.58 PM
Nov 14th: Happy Birthday to Ms. Betty Boley!    If you need to get something done and you want action fast, then look no further than just inside the front door of Pyramid Roofing’s headquarters in Williamsburg.  If you are still not a believer, just read the sign on her door that tells you just how it really is on a typical day. ”Do you want to speak to the MAN in charge or to the WOMAN who knows what’s going on?“   Betty shows up early with her sleeves rolled
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