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5 tips to winterize your home

Posted 13 Nov , 2012 ,at 06.21 PM
It’s not even Winter yet and the east coast has already seen its share of winter weather. Now is the time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter months.  Here are 5 tips to follow for winterizing your home. Be energy efficient and keep the cold out by installing storm windows or covering your windows with sturdy plastic. Fill in any cracks around windows and doors with caulk or weather stripping. Insulate pipes and remove hoses from outdoor water faucets. Be sure to have a good snow shovel
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Happy Birthday Dave Lassiter!

Posted 12 Nov , 2012 ,at 10.33 PM
  Dave Lassiter aka “Pappy” was born and raised in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake, VA and began his roofing career over 39 years ago working with his father, who was a builder.  He came to the Pyramid team over 3 years ago with his son-in-law, Jeff Mallery as a roof technician.  Along with his extensive roofing knowledge, Dave also has experience in many other areas of construction which is why he is our go-to “Jack of all trades” technician.  He has experience in framing, painting,
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Happy Birthday to a long-time team member!

Posted 2 Nov , 2012 ,at 08.40 AM
Nov. 2nd, 2012: Happy Birthday to a loyal member of the Pyramid Roofing Team! Felipe Leon was born into a large family on November 2, 1963 in Vera Cruz, Mexico.  At the young age of twelve, Felipe left home in search of work to help the family.  He moved to Mexico City to live with an uncle who had work for him.  During the nine years spent working in Mexico City, Felipe met the senorita of his dreams, Maria.   In 1986 Felipe and Maria married and moved to the United States and eventually
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2012 Fall Roof Report-Special Offer

Posted 26 Oct , 2012 ,at 04.03 PM
 Oct. 2012: The most current Roof Report has been issued! It is the Fall 2012 Edition and it is packed full of helpful information that includes a 5 ingredient recipe that most anyone can prepare. Regular check-ups to your roof can keep it from needing surgery. Pyramid’s Overhead Care Club provides your roof with regular physicals, ensuring that it protects your home for years and years! The recipe in this edition is a Fun, Five (5) ingredient tailgate recipe that most anyone can prepare. You
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Roofing Specialist Donnie Rodanhisler’s Birthday

Posted 24 Sep , 2012 ,at 09.19 PM
Sept 24th, 2012: A young man just a week past his 15th birthday, Donnie Rodanhisler’s roofing career began in Jacksonville FL. Few people can make the claim of 19 yrs of roofing experience at the relatively young age of 34 yrs old!   Born and raised in Gator country, Donnie eventually followed roofing work and his family to the Tidewater area of Virginia. Donnie has pretty much “done it all” in the world of roofing. From his first job on a hot tar & gravel roof in FL, to humping shingles
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