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Aug. 22nd, 2012

Posted 22 Aug , 2012 ,at 02.33 PM
Happy Birthday and Congratulations on 20 Years of Service to Mike Goff!        After 20 years with of service with Pyramid Roofing and as one of the first employees  in the Denver, CO office; Mike has truly come up through the ranks.  Mike is the one and only team member who can make the claim to have worked at Pyramid Roofing locations in four different states! Following his ten year stay in Denver,  Mike headed south to Dallas, TX to bolster the sales force.  A large hailstorm had
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2012 Hurricane Season Preparedness in Virginia-Are You Ready?

Posted 14 Aug , 2012 ,at 08.22 PM
Aug. 13, 2012: Peak hurricane season occurs from August through October within the Atlantic basin, with maximum activity taking place from early to mid-September. Hurricanes and other violent storms can cause a great deal of property damage and even fatalities. In fact, this past June alone, windstorms and thunderstorms caused 13 storm-related fatalities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You can be better prepared by stocking up on certain items and fortifying your home and/or businesses. A Hurricane
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Happy Birthday Jerry Worstell!

Posted 9 Aug , 2012 ,at 12.34 PM
Aug. 9, 2012: Jerry is 80 years young today! One of three (3) founding partners of the original Pyramid Roofing, Jerry has been a vital part of the team since inception in August of 1986. Jerry was a silent partner in the early years as he wrapped up his professional career with Edison Plastics Company.  After transferring from Marshall College where he was a pitcher on the baseball team, Jerry earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from WVU in 1955.  He is still a proud Mountaineer and has the
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VA Roofer kicks off a company wide Weight Loss Program

Posted 1 Aug , 2012 ,at 03.42 PM
  Pyramid Roofing separates from the competition once again by implementing the  “No Fat Roofers” exercise program. Our customers tell us all the time that our commitment to providing the BEST customer service alone keeps us ahead of our competitors.  Recently, our fearless leader, Dan Worstell did something for our employees which set him apart from most business owners. He implemented a company-wide exercise program so that all employees have an opportunity to better our health through
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Is Ponding Water Damaging Your Roof?

Posted 15 May , 2012 ,at 06.59 PM
Every year in the United States commercial buildings are extensively damaged or destroyed by the affects of rooftop ponding water. While this is an issue commercial buildings need to watch out for, home owners with flat roofs also need to be aware of the possible affects of ponding water. Roofing professionals always encourage business owners to inspect their flat roofs following rain to see if they might be at risk of a roof collapse because of poor drainage issues. Ponding water is defined as the
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