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Today is Ricky Higgins Birthday!!


Roofing specialist: Ricky "Bouche'" Higgins.jpgFeb. 12, 2013:  Ricky began swinging the hammer at the young age of sixteen years old.  After seven years of perfecting the trade, Ricky had his sights set on a full time position with Pyramid Roofing.  The phone call he had been hoping for came through ~ In March of 2008 Ricky joined Team Pyramid as a repair technician and field supervisor.  Quick to “Climb the Ladder” so to speak, Ricky advanced to the position of Roofing Sales.  Ricky’s extensive roofing background and his easy going demeanor has proven to be a winning combination.

In October of 2009 Ricky was assigned to the management team that would spearhead the start-up of our new branch office in Baton Rouge, LA. Ricky and Cathy, his beautiful new bride of just one month, packed and left Hampton Roads for a one year management assignment in Bayou Country! Ricky and Cathy absolutely loved the Louisiana culture.  Ricky’s favorite part of living in Louisiana was no doubt the local cuisine ~ to the tune of 70 additional pounds during his time there!

Ricky is now back in Hampton Roads and had shed those Louisiana Love Handles! He and his wife Cathy celebrated the birth their first child, “Tyler” on March 18, 2011!

We are fortunate to have on our team such a stand-up good guy as Ricky Higgins.

Happy Birthday Ricky ~ Enjoy Your Day!