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VA Roofer kicks off a company wide Weight Loss Program


Pyramid Roofing separates from the competition once again by implementing the  “No Fat Roofers” exercise program. Our customers tell us all the time that our commitment to providing the BEST customer service alone keeps us ahead of our competitors. 

Recently, our fearless leader, Dan Worstell did something for our employees which set him apart from most business owners. He implemented a company-wide exercise program so that all employees have an opportunity to better our health through exercise. This exercise program includes a membership to One-Life Fitness for each employee and a personal commitment to stay healthy. The gym has state of the art equipment, plenty of space, planned activities and offers each employee a personal trainer for one hour at no charge to find a work out plan that works best for them.

Soon after the program was implemented, a few members of our team challenged each other to see who can lose the MOST weight. A friendly contest ensued among employees calling for a weigh-in at the meeting and then a final weigh-in 5 months later on November 22nd, 2012, the day AFTER Thanksgiving. What a challenge! 

This is just another example of how Dan values his employees and why Pyramid Roofing employees remain so loyal to the company. On behalf of the staff here at Pyramid Roofing, We all say “Thank You” to Dan for your committment to excellence!