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Virginia Peninsula Businessmen Enjoy Fishing Despite Cold Weather

Dan Worstell, Pyramid Roofing President and Chris Yancey (Owner of Geaux Roof in Baton Rouge, LA) enjoyed a brisk day of fishing on the Chesapeake Bay despite the unseasonably cold weather that has recently visited the Virginia Peninsula.

Cold weather damage is a major factor in causing common forms of roof damage. During severe periods of cold weather Dan and Chris’s Roof Repair teams find themselves busy clearing ice dams and applying emergency tarps to customer’s homes to prevent further damage.

Knowing how to handle being busy is an important skill for Roofers like Dan and Chris.  Taking the opportunity to get some much needed time fishing on Chesapeake Bay is possible for them because they have another important business skill: hiring team members they can trust to provide customers with excellent service while they’re gone.

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