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Virginia Roofer Offers Tips for Checking Your Roof Before A Storm

During the net big storm, it is likely that at least one family within walking distance of your home will experience a major leak causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.  Most of the time, it could have been prevented with a quick roof check that can be done by anyone, if you know what to look for.

Just checking a few items and removing debris from the roof can help prevent leaks that can develop without you knowing about it until it is too late.  Not only do roof leaks cause damage to your roof, roof leaks can also cause costly damage to the interior of your home. Damaged wood floors, soggy wallpaper, wet furniture, mold & mildew are just a few examples of interior damage that we have seen our customers deal with after a leak.

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Remember to always follow safety guidelines before getting on your roof.  By removing debris from behind skylights, gutters, in the valleys and at lower pitched areas of the roof, you can prevent the water from backing up to cause a leak. Also, checking for signs of aging like granule loss, curling or cracked shingles and missing shingles will also aid in preventing leaks. The pipe collars are a common area for leaks, so check for signs of deterioration to determine if replacement is needed.

For more information and tips that will save you thousands in roof repairs, download Dan’s FREE book by visiting Pyramidroofing.com or contact us at 757-247-9600 to schedule a roofing specialist to inspect you roof.