Maintenance Today for Reliability Tomorrow

Almost all roofing emergencies can be prevented with regular maintenance. As a member of Pyramid Roofing’s Yellow Truck Club, you can rely on us to ensure your home’s first line of defense is in prime condition. Our annual inspection and care plan:

  • Detects minor problems before damage is widespread
  • Significantly reduces potential expense from leaks
  • Adds years to the life of your roof

As a Yellow Truck Club Member You Receive:

Annual Roof Check Up

Our technicians will assess the condition of your roof, inspecting for common problems such as missing components, broken shingles or massive granule loss.

Forever Warranty

Roofing repairs performed for Yellow Truck Club members are warrantied for the life of your roof for the life of your membership.

Roof Care History

Own a documented maintenance record with annual inspection report that certifies the care of your roof.

Membership is Transferable

Your Yellow Truck Club membership is fully transferable. If you sell your home, the new owner will enjoy all the benefits remaining from your investment. Or, you can take your membership with you if relocating within our service area -the choice is yours.

Exclusive 10% Repairs Discount

Yellow Truck Club members receive an exclusive members-only 10% discount on all repairs. And not only that, members enjoy the Forever Warranty on all repairs.

Annual Debris Removal

Debris like leaves and pine needles prevent the roof from drying properly and can quickly lead to roof deterioration, while branches can cause damage by rubbing against your shingles.

Our Experts Are Looking Out For You

Something as simple as removing leaves from behind your chimney, skylights or rain diverters can save you thousands of dollars. As a club member, you can be assured our expert team of background-checked, professionally trained roof technicians are on your side and diligently checking for potential problems -so you can avoid surprises.